Still “40 something”

Posted by on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 8:17 am

Karen calls it the party that won’t end.

For me it’s a different story. Being “40 something ” is coming to an end.

Last weekend my “older” friends went with me to Irene Lake to let me know what it will be like to be cresting the “hill”. In a day I make the half century mark.

It seems going to a cabin even for R&R entails a fair bit of work.

Still cleaning up the blow down from the summer of ’07, we moved a surplus of wood from the point cabin to the beach cabin. This is wood we cut and split last year.

A few boat loads of wood moving and piling combined with pulling boats, removing motors, shutting down a cabin, re-roofing the sauna, shoveling another icehouse, yard clean up and replacing the furniture after the floor painting, left just a little time for fishing.

Please pass the “Ben Gay”.

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