Sure sign of the season start

Posted by on Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 6:38 am

In the spring we look forward to signs which indicate our season is about to begin. 

Ice out, the return of squawking seagulls, the lonely cry of the loon, long work days, aircraft at the dock and the list goes on.  The surest sign we are about to venture into another season is the return of John and his sidekick Herc to Metionga Lake.  That was Saturday’s project.  John has been our camp attendant on Metionga Lake since 1991.  I suspect no one knows the lake like John. 


unloading John’s quad from the Otter.

Joey and Darren are outside the aircraft while Randy and Brad are inside.  We have to take off the rear wheels and rack and do a lot of wrestling with that beast (the quad, not John) to get it in and out of the airplane.

This season is our 25th running Ignace Outposts and every year seems to be more fun than the last.  Even though the work somehow seems harder (those dang motors seem to gain weight every year) we strive to get everything ready for opener this next weekend.

If you haven’t already done so, give some thought to getting up to Metionga Lake with Ignace Outposts and see if John knows his stuff about the fishing on one of the best lakes in Northwestern Ontario for Walleye and Northern pike.

Now that John is safely on the job, we will work on getting Joe into Seseganaga Lake early in the week.

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