The couple that shovels together…

Posted by on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 12:49 pm

In our part of the country we expect snow.  And cold.  Since yesterday afternoon it has been raining off and on.  This in it self is not much of a problem.  However, adding lots of water to snow can be a big problem for roofs. 

This morning, with an expectation of another day of rain, we decided our hangar roof needed top be relieved of it’s snow load before it did it itself. 

Karen and I climbed aboard, and started shovelling.  After a few hours it felt like we had moved a million pounds of snow.  But I know that wasn’t possible since that would take at least two days to accomplish.

Even so, the snow was saturated and heavy.  By noon, with more than a few sore muscles, one broken shovel and a stuck truck – don’t ask, we managed to reduce the weight on the roof by a few tons.