The Legend

Posted by on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 6:27 am

Randy our chief pilot has been with us for 23 years.  Anyone who flies with him remarks as to his skill and composure.  Randy has been piloting Otters for over 3 decades.  Not many “bush pilots” stick around bush flying that long and even fewer fly the same aircraft that long.

The other day while passing time on the computer we found this interesting story from a fellow in Mongolia.  Here is the link.

A "Floatplane" Story, all the way from…."The Gobi Desert"!???!!!

This fellow’s recollection just verifies what many of us know.


I had actually heard about  someone tying a Cessna 206 to the side of an Otter and flying it out of the bush many years ago.  As is his character, Randy never told me about it until I asked one day. 

We have been calling Randy “the Legend” for sometime.  This story just adds to the adventure. 

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