The only thing on line…

Posted by on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at 9:33 am

In about 10 days we’ll see our first guests arrive to fly into the wilderness for some unbeatable Canadian fishing.  I wish I had a trip booked for myself, but alas, I toil providing memorable trips for those who might really need them.  I do live here and don’t have to fight with traffic, constant noise, and no real solitude.  Even more importantly, I am not tethered to any electronic device.  I do check my emails, when I get a chance and I do answer the phone if it is handy but I am not constrained by a virtual cable to anyone.  Karen made me get a cell phone but only she and the kids have my number and more often than  not they are disappointed (I think) because I either don’t have it with me or it is in my pocket saving energy by not being turned on.

I know many folks have a difficult time being untethered,  but isn’t that what a vacation is about.  I challenge you to take a break and actually turn off the blackberry and leave the emails unanswered for a few days while you enjoy the Canadian Wilderness at Ignace Outposts.  See if the world can function and run well without you for a week or so.

We still have some great July and August dates available for booking.  Give us a call or send an email.  I will get back to you, I promise, but just don’t stare at your smart phone in anticipation.  You know what happens to a fish once it is “on line”.  There is  not much else he can think about until he is off line. 

At Ignace Outposts the only thing we keep online are the fish.