Things to do in Ignace

Posted by on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 6:48 am


During the fall, moose begin to respond to “the call”. Moose rut and breed in late Sept and early Oct. We will go out some evenings and practise calling with camera ready. Karen’s cousin Anneke from Holland was visiting last month and we took her on a couple of moose searching adventures.

In spite of my best intimations of a female moose in heat, the best moose encounters we managed were not visible. The girls were ready with their cameras but we only heard the bulls respond by grunting, pacing and thrashing in the bush. They were most active at night due to the warm temperatures and wouldn’t show themselves for our cameras.

Calling the odd evening or morning before or after work is not a concerted effort at bringing out the bulls but sometimes we do get lucky.