Posted by on Monday, November 17, 2008 at 9:00 am

Guests at Ignace Outposts camps are advised of the following issues which may affect your trip:

Pain: Fishing may cause pain specifically to your ego when the big one gets away. Also arms get sore from catching fish all day. The best remedy is to fish again and again and again until pain goes away.

Danger: Fishing at our camps may be dangerous to your arm muscles and back muscles. Your muscles may involuntarily go into cast and jig mode at the most inopportune times after you return to civilization.

Addiction: Addiction to Ignace Outposts is a possible outcome of your trip with us. As of this time there is no known 12 step support group nor cure, barring a return trip to ease the craving.

Stress: Believe it or not it is stressful actually thinking about your hard working buddies and family members who cover for you while you are on an Ignace Outposts trip.

Damaged Credibility: Your credibility will indeed suffer when you try to expound on your fishing adventure with Ignace Outposts. Photos do help but since you will not need to embellish, no one will believe that you are not doing so.

Ruined Self Image: The fact is some else in your group will catch more and bigger fish. This is especially true when you are with your children or spouse. May as well just face the fact and get over it.

Weight Gain: It is only the most dedicated dieter (or vegetarian) who can say “no” to a second helping of fresh fried fish during a shore lunch. Some of our more experienced guests have been able to say “no” to the 4th helping however.

Out of Touch: Even though we supply two way radios for safety, we do not provide sports scores or highlights of world events. And no, your cell phone will not work. For a short time you will have to forget about the rest of the world.

Contact us for your 2009 fishing trip. Our news letter will be posted soon. Get your dates set up before the news letter to ensure your dates.