This one is for the ladies!

Posted by on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 4:11 pm

I’m not being sexist, but a reality of our business is that the vast majority of our guests are men. This blog post is designed to be left up inadvertently on the family computer to drop a few hints for “stocking stuffers” for a fisherman. If you do plan to bring your better half on an Ignace Outposts trip this summer, of course you can load up her stocking with some of these great items. I am sure no one would notice if you augmented your own stocking either.

I am assuming the Ignace Outposts trip has already been booked. If not you can start with a major Christmas gift then fill the stocking as a hint.


Yes this is often required on Canadian Lakes too.

Multi tool

A good multi tool is invaluable in a boat. With some of these devices enterprising anglers can perform complex jobs just short of minor surgery. A tether is advisable to ensure this is not an annual purchase.

Filet knife

A fisherman and his knife very quickly become inseparable. A good quality knife such as a Rapala (brand) will last for years. And in this regard size does matter; a 7 1/2 inch blade is just about perfect. Be sure to include a sharpener for bonus points.


A durable heavy thermos is ideal for keeping hot foods hot. Use for hot coffee or soup for lunch.

Nail clippers

Even though most fishermen could care less about a French Manicure, they do find these cheap little nail clippers a handy fishing tool. Clipping fishing line with nail clippers saves chipped front teeth. This is also an item that should be on a tether.

Insect repellent

We do have mosquitoes (nastius bitingus) in our area. A little deet helps makes the evenings more bearable.


Most lures are designed to catch the fisherman at the baitshop. But you can’t go wrong with Rapalas, jigs, Berkley power baits and Gulp alive.

Hand crank flashlight

This is a handy thing to have in a tackle box, particularly when the tackle box gets out only once a year on it’s annual pilgrimage to Ignace Outposts.

Places such as Walmart or Bass Pro are good places to look for these items.

And a little hint, save money by not buying a new lucky hat, or taking a wild guess at a new type of fishing line. There are a few things that just do not make good gifts.