“Tip the guide”

Posted by on Monday, February 8, 2010 at 6:09 pm

I just got back from the Minneapolis All Canada Sport Show.

I brought my dad with me to help out in the booth and provide a little company.  Besides Karen and me, I don’t think there is anyone as passionate about our business as my dad. Maybe it’s because I’m his son, maybe it’s because he loves fishing, and maybe it’s because he is a born salesman.  I think it might be all three.  

We spent several hours travelling to and from the show, ate meals together and sat side by side in the show booth for 3 days.  Overall we just had a great time.  That is worth more to me than booking fishing trips. 

I highly recommend spending a little father and son time. If it includes an Ignace Outposts fishing trip, all the better.  Many don’t have the opportunity to “tip the guide”.  Do it while you can.

“Back in the day” it was Bud who encouraged me to follow my dream and he is the same one who taught me to fish.  I still marvel that I can do both in one career. 


Some of the details regarding this fishing adventure are foggy.  I do believe I was following instructions… perhaps the equipment was a little unorthodox,  but it is results that matter…right?

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