Top 10 Reasons why FISHING is the Best past time

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2008 at 7:59 am

Top 10 Reasons why FISHING is the Best past time.

10 – You can watch shows about Fishing in the living room.
9 – You don’t have to hide your Fishing magazines.
8 – The Ten Commandments don’t say anything against Fishing.
7 – If your partner takes pictures of you Fishing, you don’t have to worry about them showing up on the Internet if you become famous.
6 – Your Fishing partner doesn’t get upset about people you Fished with long ago.
5 – It’s perfectly respectable to Fish with a total stranger.
4 – You can have a Fishing calendar on your wall at the office, tell Fishing jokes, and invite coworkers to Fish with you at Ignace Outposts without getting sued for harassment.
3 – Nobody expects you to Fish with the same partner for the rest of your life.
2 – You can plan a vacation at Ignace Outposts to enjoy your favorite activity.
1 – Your Fishing partner will never say, “Not again? We just Fished last week! Is Fishing all you ever think about?”

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