weigh in

Posted by on Friday, June 29, 2012 at 6:00 am


Safety, regulation, aircraft design and plane old common sense dictate we follow the rules.  Your load will be weighed.  And believe me I’ve heard every joke there is about “last year or the other pilot and getting 400 yards further”.  Speaking of last year, telling me that you have exactly the same stuff isn’t going to work either.  Transport Canada is now also requiring that we weigh our passengers so be prepared to stand on the scale.  We will weigh you as a group to avoid embarrassment, but some groups are small (in number). 

We will weigh your gear in two batches.  One batch will be what is coming out and the other will be what will not be coming out such as food, beer, etc.  And no you won’t convince me that “Joe” or “Pete” or whoever is not coming out with you.  At Ignace Outposts no one is left behind. 

Please keep in mind that the 100 lbs per person limit is arrived at quickly if your group wants to fly in water or lots of beer and pop.  Please let us know in advance and we will expedite your “liquid” order before you arrive and fly it in when we check the camp before your arrival.  We do not charge for this service but we may charge for an over load if we have to make a special trip with your extra stuff.  Besides, Canadian beer is better anyway!


And now for the rest of the story.  This is what the other half of the group was doing while the first half was weighing in as seen in the back ground.  I know who is calling the shots in this group.