What not to do.

Posted by on Friday, October 3, 2008 at 8:21 am

OK, I am not drawing a picture of a moose. I like to add a photo or two to each blog but all I have is a story about why I have no photo (or video).

We had archery moose hunters in Hilltop lake last week. They managed to call out a 50 inch plus bull. The bull approached boldly at first but halted short of archery range. Then two cows appeared. They managed to divert his attention from the hunter who was imitating a cow moose. (Not difficult if you saw these hunters.) They watched as he courted his honeys and even tried to have his way with one. Great material for a moose video.

I asked them whether they managed any video or photos. Here is where the story becomes interesting.

They did bring a video camera with every intention of catching their hunt on film. However when they opened the camera case, one fella’s wife had planted a little “love note” wishing them luck and included a little dab of her favorite perfume.

Archery moose hunters go to great lengths to mask any human scent. This hunter had washed his hunting clothes several time in scent free soap and stored them outside for weeks so as not drag human scent along on the hunt. They had bottles of “moose juice” to attract an amorous bull. A perfumed camera kind of defeats the purpose.

Not surprisingly, moose use much different perfumes to attract their mates than humans do.
The guys did manage to bag one nice 43 inch bull, but it certainly wasn’t the “big guy”. In any case the hunters bragged about the lost chance at a monster.

And no video to back up their claims. But I did see the scented camera and it definitely does not smell moosey.

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