Whose lunch?

Posted by on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 6:09 am


OK so you are bringing in another nice eater walleye.  The action has been steady, the walleye are cooperating by making tentative plans to join you for dinner.  After a while your attention drifts as one walleye after another makes a futile effort to avoid your oxygen rich environment.  Suddenly your rod is nearly ripped from your hands.  That walleye now has your full attention.  You momentarily wonder if the walleye found a phone booth and changed into his super outfit, cape and all.  As you come to your senses and thoughts begin to rattle around your skull like pebbles in a hubcap, a northern pike surfaces with your lunch in his mouth.  Now what?  Do you wake your net partner from his own blissful walleye zone or do you net it yourself?  Who knew fishing could pose such dilemmas?

…just another day on Metionga Lake.