Why not Ignace Outposts?

Posted by on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 at 7:52 pm

Walleye and northern are featured in each of our lakes except Gamble Lake where the smallmouth fishing is world class. Some other lakes boast lake trout and smallmouth bass too! Essentially we have some of the best remote fishing in Canada suited to walleye, northern, lake trout or smallmouth fishermen. Our camps feature deluxe accommodations with running hot and cold water, showers, and solar lighting. Each location is unique. Our carefully chosen lakes range from large (Seseganaga) to small (Tri). Some lakes offer great portaging and exploring opportunities, while others are well protected and solitary. Flindt (in the Wabikimi Park) and Tri lakes each have only one cabin.

Fifteen cabins on nine lakes ensure Ignace Outposts can offer something for everyone. Our company is owner-operated and our staff has been chosen to best exemplify the friendliness and courtesy, which is known as our Canadian tradition of hospitality. Safety concerning your fly-in trip is a top priority with us and you can rest assured our pilots are skilled professionals. Our own maintenance staff keeps our aircraft in top-notch condition, exceeding Transport Canada regulations. Boats and motors are kept in top shape with spare motors available at each camp in the event of unforeseen break down.

Seseganaga and Metionga Lakes each have a full time camp attendant on site. The other cabins offer more solitude. As well, we do make regular check fights. You can be remote and alone yet not completely cut off from the outside world. Each cabin is equipped with all dishes, pots, pans, fridge, stove, BBQ, etc . . . , all you need to bring is your food and personal gear, bedding, towels and fishing gear.

Over the years, we’ve realized that fishing is fishing and weather is weather. We can do little to control these. However, service, facilities, and equipment we can control. You’ll find this is where we differentiate ourselves from other fly-ins. Breathtaking views, great accommodations, good equipment, and, of course, quality wilderness fishing await your visit.

Please check our web site for current news and rates. www.ignaceoutposts.com

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