Winter delight

Posted by on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 7:50 am

Even tho’ we are looking forward to summer, there is no reason we can’t enjoy a little of the bounty of our lakes in the winter. It is often cold in our part of the woods during the winter, but as spring approaches we have both nice weather and great conditions for ice fishing.


Some the less hardy among us use ice shacks. As I do not own a shack, I must prove my metal sitting on a bucket on a lake on the ice in the elements. It is worth it however when the fish hit the frying pan. I actually enjoy this time of year when it is warm enough to fish this way without freezing essential body parts.

And yes there is still several feet of ice on the lakes. We are less than 6 weeks from walleye opener in May and the auger engine must almost go into the hole to get through the ice.



I hate to admit it but we managed to land only about 1/2 the fish that hit, but still we were able to take home some of the best tasting trout in the country.

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