Beginner’s luck?

Posted by on Friday, May 29, 2015 at 7:08 am


“We just landed at camp and we figured we’d get our lines wet and put a few fish in the boat at the lower falls by Metionga camp.  At this point, Jake is somewhat new to open water fishing so he and I were going over a few basics on the gear and how to feel the lures, the hits, and the action in the water.  He caught on right away and was putting fish in the boat, great warm up.  Within about 30 minutes of being at camp, Jake hooks on to that monster pike.  I knew when the rod went down, he had a nice fish on and with the current and being a big fish it was fighting and trying its best to stay on the bottom.  Jake remained cool and collected the whole time and fought it like a seasoned veteran and we were able to land it for him.  After that fish, he never caught a larger one on the trip.  Always fun when you hook into a lunker in your first hour.”

Thanks for sharing, Marcus!

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