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Posted by on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 8:19 am

Largest Walleye 27" - Mike Ziemke Flindt Lake June 2015
Flindt Lake veteran, Mike Z, caught the largest walleye (27″) in his group up mid June
Largest Northern 39" - Rick Fischer Flindt Lake June 2015
Flindt Lake rookie, Rick F, pulled in the largest northern of the group at 39″

Mike says,

What a great time this year.  Shared the experience with two new camp members that could not believe the number of fish caught and the beauty of Flint Lake. Not sure if we told you but a few in camp had never seen The Northern Lights and this totally capped off the experience.  Thanks again for a great time!

These and other photos sent us this season will be added to the photo galleries. Check them out.

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