Walleye Tacos

Posted by on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 8:26 am

Brad’s Real Simple but Real Tasty Walleye Tacos

1 or 1 ½ walleye per person
Few teaspoons of oil
A spoon full of butter
Taco seasoning
Taco shells – bring a bunch since it is impossible to eat just one!
Bag Cole slaw and dressing
Lime juice
No eggs, no breading, no tartar sauce

Do ahead:
Make up coleslaw (packaged coleslaw and coleslaw dressing)
Add a 3 to 4 of teaspoons of lime juice to coleslaw and mix well. This is the secret, don’t skip this step: chill in fridge for a couple of hours to blend flavors.

When ready to eat:
Fillet walleye – don’t worry about how neat they look; just be sure they are bone free.
Pat the walleye dry.
Fry walleye fillets in butter and oil and add taco seasoning to taste.
Once cooked, flake (shred) the fish and put into a serving bowl.
Serve “a make your own style dinner” by placing a couple tablespoons of walleye in shell first and then add a tablespoon or two of coleslaw on top.

You can improvise by adding something like fresh-diced tomatoes or a little guacamole. Karen likes it when I add this option since it meets her requirement for healthy stuff.

Of course, this would be a good time to use some of the leftover lime juice with that bottle of Tequila you hid in your bag and have a themed cocktail or two.

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