Staff Shuffle

Posted by on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 4:11 pm


Over the years we have seen some very good staff come and then eventually move on.  Change is a constant in our lives.  This year we mark the moving on of a long time team member.

Joe at Ses has retired as camp attendant. Joe ran this camp for us for 8 seasons and did an awesome job ensuring all is well there.  Joe has not retired completely but will be “hanging” around Ignace much of the summer helping out here at the base and at other camps when needed.

We have hired a new attendant named Tony who will work with Joe at Ses for a couple of weeks learning the ropes.  We have every confidence that Tony will maintain our (and Joe’s) high standards at Seseganaga Lake moving forward.

Ted is packed and ready to head to Metionga for another summer.

Randy will back again leading our flight crews.  Tim and Liz will be around picking up the slack in the aircraft as they did last year.

Bradon will be back working the docks in Ignace another summer.

A business such as ours relies heavily on our staff.  They are all on the front line.  We are fortunate to have good people working for us serving our good guests.