A little more on first aid

Posted by on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 7:33 am

Our fly in camps are remote.  I am surprised sometimes how fishermen forget they booked a remote fly in and somehow imagine, there is a pharmacy just around the next bend in the lake.  There maybe some nice walleye and northern hanging out around the corner but there certainly isn’t a drug store.


With this in mind, please ensure everyone in the group brings and keeps with them their own personal medication including things like antacid, aspirin and especially prescription medicines. Leaving them in the car doesn’t help much either.   Extra medicine is also advisable in case there is a delay in getting out of the bush. In the event someone in the group has a particular condition such as diabetes or a heart condition, another person in the group should be instructed in the proper method of administrating medication, in the event the person becomes incapacitated.

Another thought; sometimes it takes more than one aircraft to move a group in or out of the bush.  Please be sure everyone has any medications or required personal items with them on board the aircraft.

We really do want to bring as many people out of the bush as we bring in.