Brad is SICK!

Posted by on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 6:43 am

Yes, I am sick. Nothing to do with H1N1 or other exotic virus. I have that annual sickness that strikes on the third Sat in May. I have a bad case of “Walleye Fever”. This illness manifests itself like clockwork and leaves me in a state of duress until the remedy is applied. What makes it more severe for me is that I apply the remedy professionally to many many sufferers of this malady with little thought of healing myself. I guess you could say I am a doctor of sorts.

Irene 04 007

The only known cure!

If you find yourself with a twitching wrist, an overwhelming desire for fresh air and cold sweats when you think of things you could be doing rather than work, you may have the “Fever”.

Give me a call. Talking about walleye will help with the symptoms but a cure of the disease is really required. Getting your 2009 trip booked will certainly set you on the path to recovery… at least until the 3rd Sat in May next year.

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