The real ice pilots

Posted by on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 2:28 pm

We are trying.  May 15 we have open water on Agimak Lake.  Unfortunately, the little ice left on the lake drifted (blew) into our break wall last night.  We are ice bound.  In anticipation of walleye opener this Saturday, we spent the morning breaking ice with the boat and finally got come airplanes moving.  In the video, Randy is taking our Beaver out for a test flight.  It is slow going through the ice to open water. 

We have lots of work to do moving motors, gas, propane and getting cabins ready.  After all our efforts in getting airborne, we found all our lakes still frozen.  We will continue our annual training and as soon as we can get into the lakes, it will be pedal to the metal getting things ready.