Trip Planning – what if…

Posted by on Monday, April 18, 2011 at 10:04 am

Our camps are remote.  They offer solitude, great fishing, a little feeling of getting away from it all.  That is what makes an Ignace Outposts fishing trip so intriguing. 

One concern as our guests begin to age however, is the question of “what if… ?”  We do have two way radio communication to Ignace for emergency, but there are times we can’t fly.  We can not fly if the weather is below minimums (which happens a fair bit), we can not fly after dark and there are time when all our aircraft are out on a trip and we are not able to dispatch an aircraft immediately. 

The cost of extra flights, even if we do it, can also be quite high.

  We always advise our guests, particularly guests from another country such as the USA, to check their health insurance provider regarding coverage for out of country evacuation and care.  Health care in Canada is very good but can be very expensive for non residents.  There are also considerations regarding transportation/evacuation for medical reasons. 

If you are planning a fly in trip in a remote part of Canada such as with us, you may want to consider some of the options offered by Global Rescue.  Global Rescue is a premier provider of medical evacuation services worldwide.  They rescue their members from their point of injury or illness and bring them back to their home country hospital of choice. Check out their plans and do your own planning.

Just a thought.