Fly-in fly fishing

Posted by on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 10:05 am

When describing our business, there’s often confusion about the ‘fly’ part. We have seaplanes to ferry anglers to remote outpost cabins thus fly in. Fly fishing is a very small part of the angling opportunities we offer. Most of our guests jig or troll with great success for abundant northern and walleye in our outposts lakes. Occasionally we get some serious fly fishers like Roger W. He came along with one of our regular Tennessee groups (yes, all the way from the Volunteer State!) for a first visit to the big, dark waters of Seseganaga Lake in early September. Here’s what he wrote about his experience:

Thought I would send you guys the picture of my big Pike that I caught on the fly rod. You guys have an amazing set up and I really enjoyed my time while staying with Ignace Outpost. There is no greater leisure than fish camp with good friends, good food, and great fishing. We gave several walleye and pike some sore lips during our weeks stay. Fly fishing is my passion and I was really excited to try it on lake Seseganaga. Fly fishing on the lakes in the fall can be a real challenge as most of the bigger fish are down deeper and most people think that fly fishing is merely a top water game, but using sinking fly lines and heavily weighted flies, I managed to catch several 20-30” Pike on my fly rod, a few Walleye. But the fish that will forever be etched in my memory, is the massive 41” female in the attached picture. She made several runs away from the boat before we landed her and with every break of the water’s surface, her back looked as though it were a foot wide! I don’t know how many fish that large have been taken on the fly rod on that lake, but it was certainly, by far a personal best for me and one that I will never forget. Hope to be back very soon!


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