Fish camp guide part 6

Posted by on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 8:27 am

Sharing the shower

Before you leave my blog for more manly writings, hear me out. We have one man showers. No tag teaming required. To explain, the water systems in the camps are solar powered. Running out of hot water is not usually an issue; it is the pump power moving the water from the lake to cabin which has more.

Fish camp guide part 5

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At an Ignace Outpost fly in camp you will likely be wearing a hat for several hours of the day. It may be the lucky fishing hat, or it may be simple shelter from the sun or rain. From what I’ve been told, hats will flatten your hair in some spots and stand it straight up in other spots. more.

Fish camp guide part 4

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Beverage control

In short there is no such thing at an outpost. Just be safe and don’t take the adult beverages in the boat. It is the law. And oh yes, there is no such thing as “mine” at an outpost. A admirable way to make lots of points and to ensure a possibility of an return invite, is to more.

Fish camp guide part 3

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Dress code


Most of the civilized world lives close to or has access to a wilderness outfitting store. None of these stores has offered me any compensation for mentioning their names so I won’t. If you chose to spend lots of dollars at these stores for outpost clothing, feel free. Few rules apply regarding dress at an outpost more.

Fish camp guide part 2

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Learn the language Most of us are able to communicate in at least one language. In the outpost camp, language takes a beating and sometimes words mean different things, statements become questions and questions become statements. To help familiarize you with some fishing lingo and interpretations, here are some hints. When someone says “Are you gonna eat that?” it is more.

Fish camp guide part 1

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The next few posts are designed to help those “on the fence” about fitting in at an outpost camp. It is easy for the veteran at Ignace Outposts to manage complex outpost behavior and dress code with nary a thought about the novice who is a little unsure about the proper etiquette and decorum to be exhibited while experiencing an outpost vacation. more.

Empty Lot

Posted by on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 8:18 am

The last guests have returned home and our parking lot is empty for the first time since early May.  Randy and I have one or two more flights to make next week to retrieve a few straggling motors and to finish our camp shut downs.  Maybe it is a sign of aging but the summers seem to go by quicker more.